Recent Essays & Criticism

Long Pieces (chronological):

On Jameson Fitzpatrick, gay life, Fire Island and his poetry collection Pricks in the Tapestry, published in The Believer on August 18, 2020

On Robert Glück’s Margery Kempe and the New Narrative movement, published in The Baffler on March 23, 2020

On jazz, independent cinema and the perils of making jazz movies in the studio system, published in the Los Angeles Review of Books on August 17, 2019

On Thomas Bernhard’s The Loser, writers who feel jealous of musicians, and returning to my parents’ home in Chicago, published in the Winter 2019 issue of The Point  

On Dennis Cooper, Permanent Green Light, and life in an MFA program, published in the Los Angeles Review of Books on October 19, 2018

On the music of Jonathan Richman, published in The Point on July 5, 2018

On searching for Saul Bellow’s birthplace, Montreal and intergenerational relationships, published in the Los Angeles Review of Books on March 12, 2018

On Denton Welch and the literature of convalescence, published in the Los Angeles Review of Books on January 27, 2018

On Pier Paolo Pasolini’s novels, published in the Los Angeles Review of Books on December 23, 2017

Shorter Reviews (chronological):

On Brandee Younger and Dezron Douglas’s Force Majeure, published in Pitchfork on December 7, 2020

On Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain VI, published in Pitchfork on November 4, 2020

On Elvis Costello’s Hey Clockface, published in Pitchfork on November 4, 2020

On the reissue of Lou Reed’s New York, published in Pitchfork on September 26, 2020

On Jim O’Rourke’s Shutting Down Here, published in Pitchfork on August 14, 2020

On Nicolas Jaar’s Telas, published in Pitchfork on July 20, 2020

On James Krivchenia’s A New Found Relaxation, published in Pitchfork on June 29, 2020

On Let it Come Down’s Songs We Sang In Our Dreams, published in Pitchfork on June 12, 2020

On Deerhoof’s Future Teenage Cave Artists, published in Pitchfork on June 2, 2020

On Aksak Maboul’s Figures, published in Pitchfork on May 22, 2020

On Sun Araw’s Rock Sutra, published in Pitchfork on April 11, 2020

On Jeremy Cunningham’s The Weather Up There, published in Pitchfork on March 2, 2020

On Sqürl’s Some Music for Robby Müller, published in Pitchfork on February 6, 2020

On Dopolarians’ Garden Party, published in Pitchfork on January 13, 2020

On Yukio Mishima’s Star, published in the November/December 2019 issue of The Kenyon Review

On Lights Fluorescent’s The Oldest Sons of The Oldest Sons, published in Pitchfork on November 25, 2019

On Maryse Meijer’s Rag, published in BOMB Magazine on August 1, 2019

On “Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything,” an exhibition at The Jewish Museum, published in Hyperallergic on May 10, 2019

On Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt’s “Tenemental (With Sighs Too Deep for Words),” a survey at Howl! Happening, published in Hyperallergic on November 30, 2018

On Frederick Wiseman’s Monrovia, Indiana, published in Hyperallergic on October 25, 2018

On Christine Schutt’s Pure Hollywood, published in 3:AM Magazine on April 12, 2018

On Joshua Z. Weinstein’s Menashe, published in the Village Voice on July 26, 2017

Personal Stuff:

On the beginnings of coronavirus and my friend Bill Stern (1941-2020), published in the “Quarantine Journal,” a special edition of The Point, on March 23, 2020

On the writing of my novella “Sex With Andre,” published in The Puritan’s blog The Town Crier in two parts. Read part one here. Read part two here.

Later in 2020/21:

On Patricia Brennan’s Maquishti (forthcoming in Pitchfork)

On The Hold Steady’s Open Door Policy (forthcoming in Pitchfork)

On traveling in the Czech Republic and Poland, memorializing the Holocaust through tourism and W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz. Read an article about a fellowship I received that will allow me to research and complete the project. (forthcoming in the Los Angeles Review of Books)